A Harikatha that was music to the ears

A Harikatha that was music to the ears

Many old-timers have lamented that there are no takers for Harikatha these days. The Sunday evening at ‘Chennayil Thiruvaiyaru’ music festival at Kamarajar Arangam proved them totally wrong. Visaka Hari’s ‘Rama Nama’ musical discourse had a packed audience – in fact, many were not able to get seats leading to a commotion. The full house audience had their heart’s fill in the discourse dotted with lovely music.

Visaka then lucidly explored the importance of Rama Nama japam which is incredibly simple. That the easiest and the simplest form of bhakti is to surrender to the Lord by just chanting Rama nama was narrated with telling effect by Visaka.

The story of Bodendra Swamigal where he demonstrated the efficacy of Rama nama to the world at Puri in Orissa by enabling an unfortunate abducted woman to unite with her husband after a holy dip in the pond chanting Rama nama was a fine example .Visaka then essayed the story accompanied by Saint Tyagaraja’s Nadha loludai (Kalyana Vasantham) Pantureethikolu (Hamsanadham) and Devar nama. Though mythology and acharyas had advocated the greatness of Nadhopasana, the younger generation looks for scientific proof, said Visaka while narrating the story.

She also emphasised the fact that people do not appreciate the value of things that comes simply and easily without much effort and cost. Rama nama, though simple and easy, is of great value with unparallel remedy to all in need.

Visaka’s discourse was facile and humorous and was literally music to the ears of the audience.

Thiruvaiyaru and Tyagarja are synonymous and it is very appropriate that ‘Chennayil Thiruvaiyaru’ featured the Harikatha on Rama nama so well essayed by Visaka Hari.