Gaurav Majumdar

Gaurav Majumdar

gaurav Majumdar

As one of the most sought-after and versatile musicians today, Gaurav Majumdar hails from a family of well-known musicians of Allahabad (India). Pt. Ravi Shankar discovered Gaurav’s talent and inspired him to learn the sitar, and under the legend’s teaching and guidance, Gaurav has come to be an accomplished artist and sitarist.

Gaurav’s performances and work has been widely acclaimed and appreciated by audiences at various musical festivals and venues all across the globe spanning several parts of Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and America, also performing on occasions with, and for, his guru, Pandit Ravi Shankar.

Gaurav is renowned for his solo recitals as also his jugalbandis (duets) with some of the best-known musicians of India from both the North-Indian (Hindustani) and South-Indian (Carnatic) tradition. Gaurav has had numerous collaborations with western musicians such as Daniel Hope, Philip Glass and Kenny Werner. He has also composed for and performed with the English Chamber Orchestra. Composed music for the Ballet Siddhartha – a book by Nobel laureate Hermann Hesse and scored a title ‘Akanksha’ for his concert at the Vatican to celebrate the new Millennium – being the first Indian musician to perform at the Vatican.

Gaurav has several albums featuring his classical, collaborative and compositional works such as ‘Echoes from India’, ‘In Search of Peace’, ‘Neemrana’, ‘Soul Strings’, ‘Grammy nominated’, ‘East Meets West’, ‘Orion’ recorded live at the historic concert in the Acropolis in Greece to commemorate the Olympics 2004, ‘Gaurav Majumdar’, “Offerings”, ‘Strings in Harmony’, ‘Walking Together’, ‘Shambala’ – a historic sitar/violin double concerto, ‘Colours from the Rainbow’ – composition for western orchestra and most recent ‘Hesse’. Majumdar seduces the ear with the pure tone he draws from his instrument, and as a result he tempts us into a spiritual underworld of spun melody and evocative phrasing which is mesmerizing. His artistry is of such magnitude, it just rivets the attention. For a newcomer to Indian music.