Gayathri whips up a mesmeric Saveri

Gayathri whips up a mesmeric Saveri

Gayathri Girish soaked the rasikas in chaste music at ‘Chennayil Thiruvaiyaru’ at Kamaraj Arangam.

After a pulsating Varnam – Inthachala in Begada – she melodiously slipped into VasanthaBhairavi – Needhaya Radha – a composition of Tyagaraja. Her swara passages revealed her good patanthara.

The audience could sense what Gayathri had in mind for a while when she sang a viruttam in Varali. Since it is the fourth day of the Tamil month Margazhi she thought it apt to r-ender Thiruppavai pasuram – Aazhi Mazhai Kanna – which followed the viruttam.

Myriad hues of Nalinakanthi unfolded step by step when she brought out the intricacies of the raga in her alapana. Naturally, ‘Manaviyala Kim’ by Tyagaraja was her choice and probably the choice of the audience also. Her swaras were neat.

Gayathri’s alapana of Saveri for ‘Yaro Ivar Yaro’ by Arunachala Kavirayar made us feel that she was rendering a different song of the composer. It is believed that Arunachala Kavirayar in his Rama Natakam rendered this piece in Saveri and not Bhairavi as sung by the present generation. Gayathri clarified it on stage.

Her exhaustive Saveri and her rendition of the song had a magical touch. Her swara prastharas were a sumptuous treat.

Sanjeev on the violin followed the vocalist superbly and his Saveri was draped in musical tapestry.

Ganapathy Raman on the mridangam is a seasoned artiste and played with verve.

Adambakkam Sankar on the ghatam played sans frills and fancies.

Their tani was a refreshing musical experience and it was like a question and answer session.