B S Purushothaman

B S Purushothaman

b s purusothaman

B.S. Purshothaman is a most sought after and popular Kanjira artiste. He has accompanied most of the senior as well younger artistes of the present generation. Recently, he was awarded the “Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar” for 2008 by the Sangeet Natak Akademi.

A youth icon in the sphere of ‘uppapakkavaadyam’, B.S. Purushotham is a disciple of mridanga vidwan late Bengalooru M. L. Veerabhadraiah, his son Bengalooru V. Praveen and Sangitha Kalanidhi T. K Murthy.

Taking up kanjira wasn’t his choice. It happened for him just like that. Once during the mridangam class, his guru asked him to pick up a kanjira which his guru had and asked him to play. He played it very casually. He probably noticed something when he played.

His guru started giving him lot of tips as to how to handle it and soon asked him to provide kanjira support in the concerts in which his guru played mridangam. He likes to dedicate his entire life to this divine art form, to which he was initiated by his beloved father, late B. Seetharam, who made sure that he go through an intensive and vigorous learning process.

He is equally responsible for embellishing the music of the main artiste and contributes to the success of the concert. He feels very happily in being blessed as a kanjira artiste.