Raga deluge at Ganesh-Kumaresh concert

Raga deluge at Ganesh-Kumaresh concert

The renowned violin duo – Ganesh and Kumaresh – has made a mark by exploringCarnatic music in a way that it reaches the masses. Their concert for ‘Chennayil Thiruvaiyaru’ at Kamarajar Arangam was one such kutcheri.

Starting with a vibrant Bilahari tuned by Kumaresh, the younger of the brothers, they swam in the ocean of Mayamalava Gowlai for raga pravaha. After showcasing the raga swaroopa, they plunged into the raga pravaha. With no lyrics, they wanted to emphasise the beauty and bhava of the raga. It flowed like a woodland stream true to its name.

They brought out the different facets of the raga with skill.

Their rendition of ‘Nannuvidachi’ in Reethi Gowlai by Tyagaraja was a nectarine fare.

The diadem of the recital was the different facets of Kalyani. The brothers declared that Kalyani can take different avatars with graha bedam. Graha means house and bedam is shifting.

They played the diverse dimensions of the raga with the note SA as non-variant. Like – Harikamboji, Nata Bhairavi, Sankarabharanam, Karaharapriya, Hanumath Thodi, Kamas. It was beyond description with pulsating traditional flavours.

Their delineation of Karaharapriya for ‘Chakkani Raja’ by Tyagaraja strictly adhered to classical music.

Ramesh on the mridangam lent considerable support by his exquisite style.

Arun Kumar on the drums and morsing gave a whole some rhythmic landscape and their tani was an intellectual exercise.