Rajkumar Bharathi

Rajkumar Bharathi

Rajkumar Bharathi

Rajkumar Bharathi, great grandson of Mahakavi Subrahmanya Bharathi, learnt vocal music from his mother, Lalitha Bharathi, and later from Valliyur Gurumurthi. He then underwent advanced training from Dr. M Balamuralikrishna and T V Gopalakrishnan.

His talent blossomed under TVG and he stands today as one of the most popular artistes of his generation. A native of Chennai, Rajkumar has a great following in Karnataka owing to his pleasing style of rendering ‘Dasara Padagalu‘. He has made forays into films and devotional music. A qualified engineer, music is his profession now.

A strong attractive style of singing with clear diction and enunciation of ‘sahithya bhava’ are his hallmarks. Rajkumar has performed all over India, USA, Europe and the Orient as a part of concert tour and teaching assignments.

Rajkumar has composed music for Udupi Lakshminarayan, Ambika Kameshwar, Jothi Raghavan, Madhu Manjunath, Menaka Thakkar, Nina Rajarani, Anandavalli, Ramaa Bharadvaj, Ramana Maharshi Center, Mysore Sachidananda Swami Ashrama, and several other artists and organizations.

Rajkumar Bharathi, belonging to the present generation of musicians and composers has commanded a certain dignity in the field of classical music, which is of no surprise to people who have met and heard his extraordinary baritone voice. Rajkumar is an artist of conscience who characterizes his music with impeccable seriousness, energy, and inventiveness.

Rajkumar’s sound knowledge, imagination, and aesthetic presentation has made him a sought after composer. While composing for dance, Rajkumar is skillful in understanding phrasing (the way the elements of a particular work are interrelated including articulation, melodic construction, and links), harmony (scales, intervals, and chords), and variation (melodic and rhythmic). Rajkumar accomplishes this well.

He has accumulated an impressive resume of creative explorations and never reproduces the same tunes. His music brings out endless possibilities for dance improvisation. Endowed with a certain sense of style and finesse, he explores various possibilities to arrive at something that is innovative and divine.