Ranjani & Gayathri’s scholarly Saveri

Ranjani & Gayathri’s scholarly Saveri

Violinists-turned-vocalists sisters Ranjani and Gayathri’s concert at Kamarajar Arangam for Chennayil Thiruvaiyaru on December 22 was absorbing and scintillating.

They warmed up with a Sahana Varnam – Karunimpa – followed by ‘Theliyalethu Rama’ in Dhenuka by Tyagaraja.

The audience were able to guess the raga once they started the alapana of Andolika which unfolded in its pristine form for ‘Ragasudharasa’ by Tyagaraja. They mentioned about G N Balasubramaniam’s handling of the kriti. They dedicated it to the musical genius in the year of his birth centenary. Swaras flew like fireworks illuminating the hall with effulgence.

When they began the Kalyani alapana, we thought the main piece was being rendered quickly. But they proved us wrong. After the delineation of the raga, they rendered Gopalakrishna Bharathi’s – Kanden Kali Theerthen. The niraval and swaras blended seamlessly.

The peppy ‘Bogindra Sayeenam’ in Kuntalavarali by Swathi Thirunal was replete with bhavam.

They added special glamour to Saveri for Syama Sastri’s ‘Durusuga’. The elaborate Saveri sketch was amazingly original .Their rendition of the kriti was a blend of azhuttam and sowkhyam. The swara passages echoed their rigorous training.

Since they were residing in Mumbai, their proficiency in Hindi and Marathi was discernible in their chaste rendition of Abhangs which is a foreigner in the Carnatic idiom. They sang the evergreen ‘Thujenamu’ in Maand by Tukaram. The rasikas peeped into the realm of ethereal music with the Abhang.

B U Ganesh Prasad on the violin bolstered the concert with his deft handling of the instrument.

Delhi Sairam caressed the mridangam with his strokes.

Ravi Balasubramaniam on the ghatam lent considerable support to the artistes.

The tani was scholarly and showcased their musical acumen.